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Baylor Bears Tipped To Lose Title

Because the Baylor Bears have lost vital players – Jared Butler, Davion Mitchell, and MaCio Teague – they are not favorites to retain the championship title. After the season’s final game, top bookmakers made the Gonzaga Bulldogs (Baylor’s opponents in the 2021 finals) the new favorites.

However, the Bears have brought in guard James Akinjo from the Arizona Wildcats. And many also predict that Matthew Mayer, Adam Flagler, and Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua will feature in the new starting line-up. Therefore, we wouldn’t rule out the Bear’s chances of retaining the title just yet.

2023 NCAA DI Men's Basketball Tournament: Odds to win

2023 NCAA DI Men's Basketball Tournament: Odds to win
2023 NCAA DI Men's Basketball Tournament: Odds to win
11/01/22 @ 0:00
Team Win
Duke +1000
Houston +1000
Kansas +1200
Kentucky +1200
North Carolina +1200
Arkansas +1400
Baylor +1400
UCLA +1400
Arizona +1600
Gonzaga +1600
Villanova +2200
Creighton +2500
Michigan +2500
Alabama +2800
Texas +3000
Tennessee +3300
Texas Tech +3300
Auburn +5000
Illinois +5000
Indiana +5000
Oregon +5000
Purdue +5000
Michigan State +6000
TCU +6000
USC +6000
Virginia +6000
Dayton +6600
Connecticut +8000
Florida +8000
Florida State +8000
Memphis +8000
Notre Dame +8000
Ohio State +8000
San Diego State +8000
Colorado State +10000
Davidson +10000
Iowa +10000
Miami Florida +10000
Saint Louis +10000
Syracuse +10000
Texas A&M +10000
Wisconsin +10000
Xavier +10000
Louisville +10000
Oklahoma +12500
Providence +12500
St. Marys +12500
Iowa State +15000
LSU +15000
Loyola Chicago +15000
Marquette +15000
Maryland +15000
Rutgers +15000
Seton Hall +15000
St. Bonaventure +15000
Virginia Tech +15000
Arizona State +20000
Colorado +20000
Kansas State +20000
Mississippi State +20000
Oklahoma State +20000
Vanderbilt +20000
Virginia Commonwealth +20000
Wake Forest +20000
West Virginia +20000
Wyoming +20000
BYU +25000
Belmont +25000
Drake +25000
St. Peter's +25000
Wichita State +25000
Boise State +30000
Butler +30000
Cincinnati +30000
Clemson +30000
Mississippi +30000
NC State +30000
SMU +30000
South Carolina +30000
Utah State +30000
Washington +30000
Washington State +30000
Boston College +50000
California +50000
Fresno State +50000
Georgetown +50000
Georgia +50000
Georgia Tech +50000
Minnesota +50000
Missouri +50000
Murray State +50000
Nebraska +50000
New Mexico State +50000
Northwestern +50000
Oregon State +50000
Penn State +50000
Pittsburgh  +50000
Richmond +50000
San Francisco +50000
Stanford +50000
Utah U +50000

NCAA College Basketball Futures Bets

Check out the latest college basketball futures odds for March Madness and other NCAAB betting markets. These include the conference winners, award winners, and teams to reach the ‘Final Four’.

What is NCAA Futures Betting?

Futures bets let you wager on player achievements – like the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award – and championship winners. In some cases, the earlier in the season you make these best, the better the odds. However, the odds are more favorable because they can be difficult to predict.

NCAA Prop Bets

These side bets are perfect if you’re a solid analyst. You can place wagers on the number of assists, blocks, rebounds, assists, turnovers, and points scored by specific players. Also, you can make bets on conversion percentages and much more. Check out NCAA prop bet options from reputable online sportsbooks today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I place make NCAA basketball bets with mobile?

    Yes. Nearly all betting sites are mobile compatible. Many online betting sites even have a dedicated mobile app. Also, you can access most online online sportsbooks via your iOS or Android mobile browser with or without an app if you have an internet connection. To get the best NCAA basketball odds from top online sportsbooks, sign up with one of the sites featured on our exclusive list above.

  • What does NCAA stand for in college basketball?

    NCAA in college basketball stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. This non-profit organization features teams from 1,117 colleges. The teams play in three divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III.

  • How do I read NCAA odds?

    There are three types of odds systems used by sportsbooks: American, decimal, and fractional. If you reside in the USA, you can easily calculate your winnings from American odds. There are two kinds of American odds: positive and negative. The positive symbol (+) shows you who the underdog in the tie is. Also, the figure next to the plus sign shows you how much money you could win if you bet $100. However, The negative symbol (-) represents the favorite and tells you how much you must bet to try and win $100.

  • Is College Basketball different from NBA?

    Yes. The main difference between college basketball and the NBA is the game length and the shot clock. In the NBA, the shot clock lasts 24 seconds - for college games, it lasts 30 seconds. On average, an NBA game length is around 2.5 hours, whereas NCAA games last around two hours. As a result, college games have a much slower pace than NBA games. However, college games are still highly entertaining.

  • What is March Madness?

    March Madness is another term for the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament. This competition is a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams that compete in seven rounds to try and win the national championship. The term ‘March Madness’ comes from a term used by a high school basketball official called Henry Porter in 1939.

  • What is the Final Four in NCAA?

    In American sports, ‘the Final Four’ is when the last four teams remain and play in a playoff tournament. Usually, the final four compete in the two games of a single-elimination tournament's semi-final round. The penultimate round is the ‘ Final Four’ in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. The winners of the semi-finals compete against each other in the championship final.