College Football Betting Odds

college football odds

College Football (NCAAF) Betting Odds: Live Betting Lines

The current champions of the college football league known as the NCAAF are the Alabama Crimson Tide. They beat Ohio State Buckeyes 52-24 at the Miami Hard Rock Stadium to claim the championship in 2020.

When does the 2021 NCAA Football season start?

The college football season for 2021 is scheduled to get underway on August 28, 2021. It will then run until December 11, 2021.

The postseason will commence on December 18, 2021 and run until January 10, 2022 with the playoffs for the national championship taking place in Indianapolis, at Lucas Oil Stadium.

College Football History

The NFL might be the blockbuster movie that everyone around the world tunes in to, but for many sports fans in America, the home of real football is with college games.

There’s a rich history of football that’s been played at college level, in fact, the earliest championship was played in 1869. Through the years there have been many ways that the winning team was eventually selected.

For the majority of the history of this league, the teams have been selected by-poll as to which are the best. It’s only since 2014 that there’s even been a playoff championship.

College Football Betting

Betting is very popular in college football, it has a wide reach due to the number of supporters and the sheer number of games that are played, there are currently 130 teams that play over 11 conferences in the States.

Betting on the NCAAF Futures Odds is massively popular. Fans can bet on which team they think will come out on top once the dust settles and a winner is chosen.

Most of the betting is centred around Division 1 games, you’ll also find Heisman odds and conference champion odds. These bets are long term bets and can be made months in advance of games to be played.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Moneyline in NCAAF betting?

    The Moneyline is a set of betting odds in which you bet on one side to win the single game outright. Oddsmakers set different money lines based on the chances that each team will come out as the victor. These are very popular bets because it’s simple and usually people want to choose a team to win.

    Let’s take a look at how the Moneyline odds work. If the betting sites have Boise State as favorites to win against Central Florida they might have a Moneyline of -110. That means to win $100 betting at these odds you would need to risk $110.

    The NCAAF games offer some pretty wild fixtures that oddsmakers find hard to pin down. With games being less predictable than in the NFL you can find some attractive Moneyline bets whilst putting action on NCAAF games, so keep your eyes peeled across the markets.

    If you still aren’t 100% sure on what kind of price you are getting on your bets, or how much your potential gains will be, we recommend using a free Moneyline calculator tool that you can find online or check out our detailed betting guide.

  • What are point spread bets?

    Yet another popular wager, this kind of bet is where the sportsbook levels the odds by giving the underdog a point advantage before the game starts.

    For instance, when Old Dominion and Wake Forest play, there’s a huge difference between skill of these two teams. So the point spread will allow Old Dominion to have a +32.5 point head start against their rivals in this matchup. That means Wake Forest will have to win by 33 points to come out a victor on the point spread betting market.

    This makes for more action to be placed on teams that normally people would never want to bet to win because they simply won’t be able to overcome the odds without a point advantage. This allows people to still bet on their team, but with a better chance of winning, creating more action.

    The art of knowing a good point spread bet is to know game history, stats and current performance levels of the teams involved to decide if the line is a good one, or if there’s some wiggle room for money to be made.

  • What are Totals (over/under) betting in NCAAF?

    This is another popular betting market where the sportsbooks set an over/under line of how many points will be scored in the game. You can then make a simple bet on whether you think there will be more or less points scored in this game than the total.

    It doesn't matter who wins the game, just whether the points are over or under a certain number.
    The points amount is always set as a half figure, this prevents there being a push. So you’ll see an amount like +/-55.5 points. The half-point is known in the sports betting world as the hook.

  • What are Parlay bets?

    This is yet another form of popular bet in the NCAA college football games and divisions. These are combination bets or an accumulator that links together two or more different individual wagers to create one single bet with better odds.

    The benefits of placing these kinds of bets are that you’ll stand to win much more if all of these bets come in than if you had bet them all as separate bets. That being said, it’s obviously much harder to predict all of the correct outcomes in a single bet without just one of them being wrong.

    Some betting platforms will allow you to view your odds and cash out your bets in real-time. So for instance let’s say you bet on five different teams to win and the first four have won. You might want to consider cashing out your bet in case the last team doesn’t win.

    Our advice is to look to place action on a few different favourites and get a better price for results that are likely to happen with parlay bets. You can also mix things up and increase your odds by adding in an occasional prop bet too.

  • Is Live Betting allowed on College Football?

    Much like every other sporting event around the world, you can place action on these games in real-time now. Just be sure to use a sportsbook that offers live betting.

    You can bet on all kinds of things whilst the betting action is live. Make predictions on the result of the game, totals bets, who will score the next field goal or touchdown, and so on. This is a fun way to spice up your afternoon watching your favorite game.

    There are all kinds of different features on various sportsbooks that you’ll find, you can track the game live or even watch the stream on some platforms if you have placed a bet. So do your research before deciding where you’ll bet on college football.