NBA MVP Odds Update: Nikola Jokic New Favorite

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Nuggets power forward Nikola Jokic has leapfrogged Joel Embiid to become the new NBA MVP favorite. Embiid had been sitting comfortably at the top of the odds tables for several weeks but has now fallen to second at +122.

With only a few regular-season games remaining, Vegas oddsmakers have the two stars way out in front in the MVP race. As Jokic’s betting value has taken a hit, could now be the time to place action on Embiid?

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Latest NBA MVP Odds

Odds correct at the time of publication and provided by MyBookie
Player Odds
Nikola Jokic -289
Joel Embiid +122
Giannis Antetokounmpo +1000
Devin Booker +4200
Luka Doncic +6000

The Road to MVP

NBA betting sites have the Serbian as the favorite to win MVP mainly because of his recent exploits: the 27-year-old has incredibly dragged the Nuggets into the playoffs despite his team missing key players.

Although the Denver Nuggets seemed destined for the Play-In Tournament, they now look safe in the top six with just a few games to go, thanks to Jokic’s heroics on the court.

Last year’s MVP is the only player in the top 10 in scoring, rebounding, and assisting. What’s more, his EWA (Estimated Wins Added) is 25.8 – Embiid’s is 21.1.

The recent odds change came after the release of the results of Tim Bontemps’ straw poll, which put Jokic in the lead. However, the fact that the Sixers have lost three in a row against the Suns, Bucks, and Pistons also led Vegas oddsmakers to shorten Jokic’s MVP odds.

Despite playing well in these last three games, Philadeplhia’s losing streak doesn’t help Embiid’s case. The Sixers have fallen to fourth in the East and are only one ahead of the Nuggets in the loss column.

So if Embiid’s teammates want to help their main man lift the Maurice Podoloff Trophy, they need to win their last four games before the playoffs.

Top MVP Contenders

As Giannis Antetokounmpo has the ability to become superhuman come playoff time, he could still win the MVP honors at the death. However, considering the two exceptional regular seasons that Jokic and Embiid have had, he’s a long shot,

Although Embiid’s MVP bid has taken a hit due to his team’s recent record, the Sixers could still rise up the Eastern Conference. If they do, it will give the Cameroonian a decent chance of beating Jokic to MVP.

Philadelphia’s last four games against the Hornets, Cavaliers, Pacers, and Raptors also hand Embiid a chance to win the scoring title. He could return to the top of the MVP odds table once again if he pulls it off.

Denver has a few winnable games coming up, and Jokic will relish the opportunity to boost his stats before the playoffs. Yet because a team’s success can make the difference for MVP voters, Denver needs to keep winning.

If you feel like placing a futures bet on Embiid to win MVP, be aware that the Sixers may try to avoid a potential Nets matchup in the first round, meaning that they might take their foot off the gas in their next few games.

Plus, will Embiid want to play in every game to win individual accolades or try and avoid picking up an injury before the playoffs? These are crucial points to consider. But, as he has the better value, many will opt for “the Process” before the playoffs.

Recent MVP Winners

Last Ten Most Valuable Player Award Winners
Year Player Team
2021 Nikola Jokić Denver Nuggets
2020 Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks
2019 Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks
2018 James Harden Houston Rockets
2017 Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
2016 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
2015 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
2014 Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
2013 LeBron James Miami Heat
2012 LeBron James Miami Heat

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