NFL Betting Futures


Who is going to win Super Bowl 57? That’s the question on every football fan’s mind. Online sportsbooks have the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs as the joint opening favorites.

NFL Super Bowl 57 Winner Betting Odds

Team Super Bowl 57 Odds
Buffalo Bills +700
Kansas City Chiefs +700
Dallas Cowboys +1200
Los Angeles Rams +1200
Green Bay Packers +1500
San Francisco 49ers +1500
Baltimore Ravens +1900
Cincinnati Bengals +1900
Cleveland Browns +2200
Denver Broncos +2200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2200
Arizona Cardinals +2400
Indianapolis Colts +2400
Los Angeles Chargers +2400
Tennessee Titans +2400
New England Patriots +2800
New Orleans Saints +3000
Minnesota Vikings +3300
Philadelphia Eagles +3300
Seattle Seahawks +3300
Washington Commanders +3300
Carolina Panthers +3600
Miami Dolphins +3600
Atlanta Falcons +6000
Las Vegas Raiders +6000
Pittsburgh Steelers +7000
Chicago Bears +7500
Detroit Lions +10000
New York Giants +10000
Jacksonville Jaguars +12000
New York Jets +15000
Houston Texans +18000

Wagering on the NFL

From division winners to prop bets, there’s a huge range of bets that can be made on the NFL. Futures odds for the most popular sport in America start to get interesting when college players are selected by professional football teams in the NFL draft. Whilst these rookie players might not have a huge impact on a team’s performance, they can shake up the betting odds for upcoming football games, especially if teams acquire some high-quality players like the highest-ranked quarterback from the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) teams.

This year’s top pick was quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars back in late April. Lawrence played exceptionally for Clemson, scoring a total of 90 passing touchdowns. He also played a pivotal role in the team’s national title win in 2018.

When Can You Bet on NFL Futures?

You can wager on NFL futures at any point, with virtually no offseason for these hard-working players. The most popular futures bets are based around the Super Bowl itself, with betting markets being stable until springtime. However, the largest volume of bets takes place just before the regular season begins, by this time people have done their homework on the coaches, match-ups, and rosters.

Want to learn more about your wagering options? Read this comprehensive guide on how to bet on the NFL.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where is Super Bowl 56 scheduled to be played?

    The game will be played on February 13, 2022, at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. This iconic stadium is home to the home of the Rams and Chargers, neither of which are likely to play a home game for the title.

    The stadium seats up to 70,240 people but can be expanded for larger events to hold up to 100,240 people. If you can’t make it to the Super Bowl in person, don’t worry; NBC will be broadcasting it live on the day.

  • Who is the favorite to win super bowl 56?

    The Kansa City Chiefs are the bookies picks for walking away as Super Bowl champions in 2022, with odds at +500 at the time of this being written.

    Up next are Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming in as second-favorites, looking to go back to back after winning the Super Bowl in 2021. Other top picks include Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, and Baltimore Ravens who all have a decent chance at winning Super Bowl 56.

  • Which teams have the most Super Bowl wins ever?

    Pittsburgh Steelers – 6
    New England Patriots – 6
    San Francisco 49ers – 5
    Dallas Cowboys – 5
    Green Bay Packers – 4
    New York Giants – 4
    Denver Broncos - 3
    Oakland/LA Raiders - 3
    Washington Redskins - 3
    Kansas City Chiefs - 2
    Miami Dolphins - 2
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2
    Baltimore Ravens - 2
    Indianapolis Colts - 2

  • What is a Super Bowl MVP?

    This is the most valuable player award, presented to the player who has performed the best during the Super Bowl. The winner is picked by a panel of 16 football journalists and broadcasters who make up 80% of the votes, the remainder of votes are made up by electronic fan voting, which you can get involved with.

    Recent winners of this prestigious award include Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Julian Edelman, Nick Foles, and Von Miller. Usually the player picked will be the winning quarterback from the Super Bowl.

  • What are Super Bowl prop bets?

    Super Bowl Prop bets or proposition bets are novelty bets that you can place on a variety of things that can happen during the Super Bowl. These are unique bets that don’t depend on the outcome of the game.

    Prop bets are popular with casual bettors that are unsure of who will win the game. You can get odds on fun side bets like “How long will the national anthem last?” or “Will there be a score in the opening five minutes of play?” you can even bet on “What will the coin toss result be?” Learn how to read sports betting odds before placing prop bets.

  • What are some tips for betting on the Super Bowl in 2022?

    The favourites right now are the Kansas City Chiefs, with money being piled on them after their near win last season. Also still a hot favourite are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, last year's champions that are looking to go back to back.

    Other highly probable teams to make a good run at the Super Bowl this year include Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers. Whereas if you are looking to back some outsiders with long odds, we consider Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos to all have a fighting chance at victory.