NFL Betting Sites Online

Looking for online NFL betting sites to put some action on upcoming games or make futures bets? This guide gives you a breakdown of top online NFL sportsbooks and betting apps, available wagering options, and links to generous sign-up bonuses.

Top Five Online NFL Betting Sites

Thanks to recent updates to sports betting laws in the US, placing wagers on the NFL is now legal in over 20 states. Many choose to bet online because it’s far more convenient than visiting a brick-and-mortar establishment, is easier to claim free play bonuses, and allows you to compare wagers quickly. However, with so many gambling providers out there, finding one that’s trustworthy and right for you can be tricky and time-consuming. For this reason, we’ve assessed various sites using a strict selection process to filter out inferior platforms. By putting sportsbooks services to the test, we’ve decided on our top five online betting sites to give you a selection of high-quality bookmakers to choose from.

1. Bovada

Since Bovada began operations in 2011, this Canada-based bookmaker quickly became one of the most popular online NFL betting sites in the US. It’s a football bettors’ favorite because it gives you a varied selection of wagering options, including professional and college betting markets. Make futures bets, place action on various props bets, and get betting lines for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, Premier League, and other sporting events. Also, you can wager on upcoming horse races, political elections, and the latest online casino games.

When reviewing Bovada’s platform, our team found that it processes withdrawals quickly, has an easy-to-use platform, uses the latest firewall technology to protect your transactions, and accepts varied payment methods – including Bitcoin. What’s more, Bovada rewards your first deposit with a 50% welcome bonus valid up to $250.

Check out this Bovada review to learn more.

2. BetOnline

As BetOnline has been providing online wagering options since 2001, it is one of the most experienced gambling providers. This sportsbook has had to embrace pioneering changes in the industry to withstand the test of time. As a result, you now can fund your account using various cryptocurrencies. In fact, it rewards your first crypto payments with generous bonuses. All you have to do is make a deposit using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Tether, or USD Coin to enjoy some free wagers.

Along with giving you competitive odds for the NFL, NBA, and other major sports leagues, BetOnline also has a packed casino lobby and live poker room that you can enjoy. So, if you want to sign up with an online sportsbook that has embraced these new payment methods, claim the welcome bonus below to get some free bets when opening your new BetOnline account.

For more details, take a look at this BetOnline review.

3. MyBookie

Although MyBookie is not as experienced as the other online sportsbooks on this list, it’s one of the most generous. The bookmaker gives you a 100% deposit match welcome bonus to spend on sports bets and a 150% match bonus for casino reloads. MyBookie’s straightforward betting app also impressed our review team. Download the MyBookie app for free to check live betting lines, place wagers, fund your account, convert odds into different systems, play casino games, and talk to its customer support team on the go.

For more details, read this MyBookie review.

4. BetUS

If you want to sign up with an online sportsbook that offers various free bet/play promotions, BetUS is one of the best – this bookmaker even gives you bonus cash for referring a friend. Generous promos aside, our review team found that this online gambling provider gives you competitive odds for a range of betting markets and works well on your mobile device. The sports betting platform also offers you multiple prop bet wagering options for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, and other leagues. Alongside everything you’d expect from a top online NFL betting site, it also broadcasts live shows that give you betting insights for upcoming football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and hockey games.

Check out this independent BetUS review to find out more.

5. BetNow

BetNow’s state-of-the-art interface makes placing online bets on the NFL straightforward. In fact, every aspect of its platform echoes its motto of ‘Keep it simple’. Follow its easy sign-up process to wager on major sports leagues, enjoy live and virtual casino games, and put action on upcoming horse races. What’s more, BetNow also has an excellent loyalty points system. Place wagers to earn points that you can cash in to make parlay, teaser and other types of bets. On top of this, this online sportsbook gives you huge cash prizes if you get a certain amount of your predictions correct.

View our in-depth BetNow review for more info.

How To Open an Online NFL Betting Site Account

Opening an account with a top online betting site is straightforward. Follow this step-by-step guide to claim a generous welcome bonus when signing up today.

  1. Click one of the top sportsbook welcome bonus links above and check the T&Cs of the promotion.
  2. If you’re happy with the terms, complete the online form with your details.
  3. Once they have verified your information, make a deposit to activate your bonus and bet on the NFL.

Popular NFL Wagering Options

After you’ve signed up with a top online sportsbook, you can place various types of NFL wagers. Learn about the most popular football bets to see which ones are right for you.

NFL Moneyline Bets

An NFL moneyline bet lets you wager on the winner of a matchup. This is the most straightforward wagering option available. So, if you want to place some action on which team will win an upcoming game, select a moneyline bet.

NFL Betting Odds Example:

Date/Time Team Spread Win Total
12/27/21 @ 20:00 Minnesota Vikings -3.5 (-110) -180 O47.5 (-110)
Detroit Lions +3.5 (-110) +155 U47.5 (-110)

Once you have the odds table in view (like above) at your online sportsbook, click on the moneyline number next to the team you want to wager on to win. For example, using the odds table above, if you feel like betting on the Minnesota Vikings to win, click on the -180 number. But if you want to place action on the Detroit Lions to get the victory, click the +155 number.

Upon doing this, your bet will go onto a virtual betting slip. The final step is to decide how much money you want to bet on the result. After choosing your wager amount, your bookmaker will calculate the winning payout automatically – this gives you the chance to decrease or increase your bet before placing the bet.

Game Totals

NFL totals bets let you wager on how many points both teams will score combined. This simple wager gives you two options to bet on: the under and the over. If you think that the combined points of a game won’t pass the set number on the betting line, choose the under. However, if you feel the combined points of the game will be more than the offered figure, bet on the over. So, if the total is 44 and you bet the over, you need both teams to score more than 44 points to win. If you bet the under, the combined total score must be less than 44 to receive a payout.

Next to the under/over totals on the betting line, the negative number tells you how much a $100 winning bet will payout. Usually, these NFL odds range between -105, -110, and -115. So, if the odds are -105, you can bet $105 to get a potential return of $100. Remember that this is not a minimum bet limit – you can bet much less than $105.

Spread Bets

An NFL spread bet is when you wager on a losing or winning margin offered by bookmakers on the betting line (see below).
Also known as the handicap, a negative (-) number shows the oddsmaker’s favorite team to win, whereas a positive (+) number indicates the underdog to win.

NFL Betting Odds Example:

Date/Time Team Spread Win Total
12/27/21 @ 20:00 Buffalo Bills +4 (-115)
Chicago Bears -4 (-105)

If you want to wager on the underdog, choose to bet against the spread. If you place action on the Buffalo Bills to win at +4 underdogs (see above), they have to keep the losing margin at four points or less or get a victory for you to secure a payout. Yet, if they lose by five points or more, you lose the bet. If you think the Bears will beat the Bills by more than four points, bet on them to cover the spread. Using the odds from the above example, the Chicago Bears must beat the Bills by five points or more to cover the spread.

Online sportsbooks offer you spread betting options to balance the odds between unequal opponents. Because NFL football scores increase by either two (safety), three (field goal), or 6 points (touchdown), the spreads will reflect these numbers.

For instance, if it’s a close matchup, the home team is usually a three-point favorite (-3). So, if a bookmaker makes the Tennessee Titans six-point favorites at home, that would mean that they would be just a three-point favorite at a neutral stadium. Spreads are usually less than 15 points either way – it has only been outside this range 80 times in the history of the NFL.

NFL Football Halves/Quarters Betting

These bets work the same as other wagering options but must occur within set periods of play: halves or quarters. Online bookmakers give you odds for spreads and totals for quarters and halves before the game. However, once the game has started, more odds and totals are made available by sportsbooks to let your make live bets. Be aware that bets placed on the second half and the fourth quarter don’t include overtime.

NFL Prop Bets

Prop bets are wagers that let you bet on various aspects of the game. These include which team will win the faceoff, how many touchdowns will be scored, etc. Top online NFL sportsbooks usually give you 90+ prop betting options for primetime games.

NFL Parlays

An NFL parlay is when you combine numerous bets into one to get more favorable odds. To win a parlay, you need to get every prediction correct. NFL parlays give you substantial potential returns, as they are notoriously difficult to predict.

To make a parlay bet, you have to place more than one bet (most sportsbooks let you place a maximum of 12 stakes). The more bets you add to the parlay, the higher the potential payouts. These wagers are usually subject to a maximum win limit. Therefore, always check the terms and conditions before wagering.

NFL Teasers

A teaser is similar to a parlay because all your wagered predictions must be correct for you to win. Yet, unlike parlays, a teaser lets you add or subtract points from the total or spread. A six-point teaser is the most common.

Let’s take an NFL two-team 6-point teaser as an example. Imagine you’ve ‘teased’ the Minnesota Vikings from -9.5 point favorites against the Buffalo Bills down to -3.5 and teased the NY Giants from +3.5 point underdogs to +9.5 against the Baltimore Ravens. In this case, you would need the Vikings to beat the Bills by four or more points and need the Giants to defeat the Ravens or lose by nine points or less for you to secure a winning return.

NFL Futures

This wagering option is called a futures bet because you can place action on outcomes that occur near the end of the season. For instance, you can wager on who will be the winner of the Most Offensive Player of the Year Award, which team will win the Super Bowl, etc.

Live Betting

To keep you entertained during the numerous stoppages of play during NFL matchups, some bookmakers let you bet on the outcome of every play in a game. Popular live wagering options include betting on whether the next drive will end in a field goal, touchdown, turnover, or punt. What’s more, you can get live betting odds for spreads, moneyline, and totals while a game is in full flow.

Practice Responsible Gambling

The first rule of responsible gambling is to never wager with money that you can’t afford to lose. Secondly, never treat your sports betting as a source of income. Along with sticking to these fundamentals, there are other ways you can help keep your gambling under control.

Budget Tracking

Calculate how much you want to gamble before starting. Once you’ve established your budget, always record your wins and losses. You could use a physical book or a free online Google Sheet to do this.

Set Deposit Limits

Sticking to a deposit limit within a specific timeframe can prevent you from chasing losses. So, set how much you’re willing to bet within a day/week/month/, and don’t go over that limit.

Open A Separate Account for Your NFL Bets

Putting your sports betting funds in a separate account can also stop you from overspending. If you bet directly from your bank account or eWallet, other transactions can complicate tracking your wins and losses. For this reason, its advisable to open a separate digital wallet, such as PayPal or Skrill, to make keeping on top of your outgoings and incomings.

Support for Problem Gamblers

If you reside in the US, you can call the NCPG (National Council on Problem Gambling) helpline on 1-800-522-4700. Its lines are open 24/7, and all calls are 100 percent confidential. Additionally, the helpline provides support to families and loved ones of problem gamblers.

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